How I Turned $5,000 Into $13,000

Driving through town one day, I saw a billboard for a seminar featuring several real estate gurus who were going to speak in LA.

With only one thought in my head: “I have to go,” I took the day off work to learn about real estate investing.

I remember when I saw my first mentor on stage:

He was disheveled.

He was old.

He was crass.

He was a salty dog…

My kind of person!

I loved his off-color humor and politically incorrect way of communicating. He said he had been a carny (that’s carnival worker for those of you in Rio Linda) in a “past life” before becoming a successful real estate investor.

He promised to show me how to make money in real estate with no money or credit.

I was sold!

I ran to the back of the room and maxed out two credit cards to be able to attend his $5,000 event; and yeah, it took two credit cards for me at that time.

I mean five grand might as well have been a million because I simply didn’t have it.

But I made the investment in myself. 

I wanted more than anything to know what he knew and to be able to do what he did.

I wanted to Make Deals and Get Paid.

I wanted to flip houses and amass a real estate portfolio just like he had talked about.

I was so excited about my investment in myself that I called my girlfriend at the time and told her about the investment I had just made in myself.

She laughed at me and told me I’d just gotten scammed. 

Fortunately, I ignored her “safe advice” to get a refund, instead beaming from ear to ear about the new path I was about to take.

Several weeks later, I attended the four-day workshop and learned about wholesaling, creative financing, fix and flips and short sales.

At this point in the story I had zero real estate experience. 

Attending this seminar was like a dream.. And It felt like I was drinking water directly from a firehose! There was so much information to take in…

I learned the tips and techniques on how to transact real estate at this event, but most importantly I learned marketing.

This guy was a master marketer and I not only implemented his strategies to make real estate deals, but I also implemented them in other areas of my life.

I still use some of his tactics to this day and I teach all of them to my students in my DealMaker Society membership course (along with another 20 years of expertise and $300 million in transactions).

That same doubtful girlfriend might have applauded me, had I told her I was going to learn to be a real estate expert by myself.

You see, that’s one of the false paradigms schools teach us: to do things the hard way.

Think about the messages teachers drilled into our brains: “do your own work”, “keep your eyes on your paper”, “don’t look at your classmate’s answers”.

Those are good paradigms to have in school, but not so much in the real world.

Life is short and figuring out how to do things alone takes way too long. That’s why coaching is a billion dollar industry: smart folks know we need every bit of help and advantage we can get!

Back to my story:

Maybe because I was naive enough to believe every word he said, I took everything I learned there and just did it.

I didn’t ask questions or try to make his system better.

I just did it.

In several short weeks, I’d took that first $5,000 investment in myself and turned it into $13,000!

I did my first real estate deal and I was hooked!

Not only was that a fantastic ROI (return on investment) for that class, it also gave me the faith and courage to know this stuff really worked!

Unknowingly, I had begun the journey of creating my own real estate training, which would eventually become known as the Dealmaker Society.

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