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Matt Skinner Has Over 17 Years Experience Investing In Apartment Complexes

“Investing in the Stock Market is like betting on an American Idol Contest ...sometimes you just get LUCKY."

My Friend was Almost Mad at ME for What His Advisor Never Told Him!

From: Matt Skinner
Valencia, California

The anger was visible on his face.

Not the red skin, vein popping, eye bulging kind of rage you might envision, but I could definitely see that my friend was pissed.

I would have been angry too if I was in his shoes.

My friend is a top-level executive at one of the largest medical device companies in the country. He earns an income that most people would envy, doing a job that he genuinely likes.

Like you, his career path was not the problem…

The problem is he was frustrated with his lack-luster investments; you know, the ones that his company 401k program “let” him invest in?

The mutual fund companies were nickel-and-diming him to death on transaction fees causing fickle returns.

He was disgusted with the stock market; making money on Wall Street was no longer based on making wise intelligent financial decisions.

It’s like betting on the whims and emotions of the public to determine what stock was hot (today) and which one was not, like placing bets on an American Idol contest.

Then, when he decided to try buying some houses and renting them, he quickly discovered that the money he earned was not passive in the least, but like owning a full time job managing his rental houses.

Tenants. Toilets. Taxes. Oh my!

He asked me what I was up to and I began to tell him about all the cool apartment deals I was involved in and how my Team of Investors was earning an average of 22% annually investing with me.

Better yet, this was 100% PASSIVE – meaning it required zero work or effort to make these kinds of returns …

no day trading, no studying the stock market, no reading long mutual fund prospectuses to discover all the fees hidden in the fine print.

Then, I went on to tell him how about half of my investors use their IRA to invest in cash flowing apartment buildings and grow their wealth in a very tax advantaged investment vehicle.

Many investors use their IRA to invest in apartment buildings.

After he told me that he had over $600,000 in his retirement account earning less than 5% a year, he said to me… “Matt, you mean to tell me that I could have been earning 12, 18, or 22% or more using my IRA to invest with you in apartment buildings?!”

I nodded my head in affirmation.

And that’s when his face began to turn red, wondering why his banker, nor his financial advisor, nor his tax accountant – all had never told him he could use his IRA to make real money, safely, in cash-flowing real estate!


This is why I decided to write this book.

If a super smart guy like him, who is making a ton of money (and paying way more than his fair share in taxes) was in the dark about this, then that means there are more men and women in the same position.

My friend definitely had a number in mind, that when he reached it, it would mean being able to retire. He hoped he could reach that number in the next 15 years…

I was about to show him how he would cut that time-line to retirement in half.

If you face similar situation,
if you are tired of the Casino they call Wall Street,
if you are fed up paying the absorbent fees the mutual fund companies charge you,

if you are looking for a truly tax advantaged investment,
that produces a steady stream of passive income,
and grows your net worth every single time the tenants pay down the mortgage payment,

… then this book is for you.

Matt Skinner
Founder: Matt Skinner Investments

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