One Weird Trick to

Get Apartment Sellers Calling You Direct 

Without realtors, door knocking, or cold calling.

By The End of this Masterclass You will know...

"Once I discovered this one trick, I never needed a real estate agent again"

Find out what that means to our culture and your pocket book on this weeks Multifamily Master Class. 

Discover how to capitalize on the major shift that is about to happen and how to capitalize on it BEFORE it happens. 

"We are about to see the biggest exodus from big cites in 50 years",
says Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec.

When Dealmakers implement my Off-Market Buying System they typically are seeing more great deals than any one person can take advantage of.  

So this week at my Dealmaker Master Class, we are going to talk about Raising Private Money for your multifamily apartment deals. 

We are going to get your money issues handled once and for all so you can get your projects financed using private equity that you have raised properly by the book. 

Never Miss the Next Hottest Apartment Market Again

Discover how to pick pro-growth cities BEFORE it happens.

This week where we’ll discuss markets across the US to invest in next, and they’re probably not the ones you’re thinking about.

Free Ebook
Automated Acquisitions

Just for joining us for this free Multifamily Masterclass, we will give you a copy of our Automated Acquisitions ebook.

This is a step-by-step, paint-by-numbers, manual on setting up a system that will have motivated Sellers of Apartment Buildings calling you, without any work or effort on your part, so you can set it, and forget it, and focus on Making Deals & Getting Paid.