Learn How to Build a

Multimillion-dollar Multifamily Investment Business Part time, from the comfort of you own home

even if you don’t have a pile of cash (yet).

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DEALMAKER Society is a Revolutionary new concept in real estate training as Matt Skinner has taken his top-notch training courses and made them all available to you digitally in the DEALMAKER Vault.

Learn how to:

How to get motivated sellers to contact you!

How to evaluate a deal (like an appraiser) in minutes!

Utilize the 3 Offer Approach to do more deals with less effort!

Power negotiate to Create the best deal: “Great Deals Are Made, Not found!"

 Use Seller Financing to amass a fortune! Build banking relationships for best leverage.

Raising private equity for your down payment!

Asset Management: Managing the Manager Cash out Refinance for maximum leverage.

Who you need to BE in order to DO and HAVE everything you want in life.


This is a step-by-step guide to building your real estate investment business.
I don’t just teach you the tips and tricks to making a quick buck (although you’ll get that too).
I show you how to set up systems and automations so you can BE who you have been called to be… never a slave to a job again, but Master over a business system that affords you maximum freedom.

“Matt Skinner’s apartment training is like having a skip-the-line pass at Disneyland… It gets you right where you want to go faster than any other path.”


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  • New trainings each week
  • Creative Real Estate Finance
  • Coaching by The DEALMAKER
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Here’s what you get:

Immediate access to Multifamily Millions - a DEALMAKER’s foundational course, that shows you from A-Z how to buy and sell apartment buildings.

Several new trainings each week that build upon the previous weeks trainings. Topics such as:
- Creative Real Estate Finance
- Attracting Motivated Sellers
- Apartment Appraisal - Raising Private Money.

Utilize The Deal Exchange (our National Buyers List) to flip your wholesale deals for quick cash.
Join for the training. Stay for the network.