If you are not making 6 figures this year, you need to read this now. 

Learn How Allan Set Up a Lead Generating Machine

That enables him to earn a 6 figure income, working part-time from the comfort of his own home... and so can you. 

One of my clients has made his entire living (a high 6 figure a year income) by working with 3 big investors in a major city.

Allen had been a student of mine in our Multifamily Millions program I taught to thousands of people all across the US and Canada. Through this program, Allen learned how to evaluation a commercial real estate deal and how to negotiate the very best deal possible.

In fact, some might watch Allen work and call him a natural at Making Deals & Getting Paid.

But that isn’t exactly true…

You see, when I first met Allen, he was young, skinny, and carried himself with an awkwardness that can only come from insecurity.

But Allen went to work on himself.

I showed him how to create a six-figure income by finding off-market deals and then selling them to investment groups like mine.

After Allen Closed His First “flip” He Began to Evolve Into a Different Person.

The confidence that came from that first PAY-DAY was like a shot of adrenaline for Allen.

The first thing I noticed was his body language completely changed, almost overnight.

He walked taller. He spoke with more authority.  He was confident because he knew his shit and everyone could see it.

As his Consultant, I helped Allen take that one burst of confidence and build business systems around the process so it would create consistent and dependable results.

  • Allen’s marketing to apartment owners became automated.
  • Leads began pouring in.
  • I gave him scripts to instantly establish credibility with Sellers.
  • I showed him how to appraise the true value of an asset in minutes.
  • We implemented the DEALMAKER 3 Offer Approach which catapulted the number of offers he gets accepted.
  • And I helped him make a deal with a few serious apartment building buyers in his Target Market.

Now all Allen does, is take incoming texts and calls from people that own the types of assets his Big Three Buyers want, he makes offers, makes deals, and makes money by trading his Off-Market Deals for an upfront fee and small piece of the back-end equity.

Allen is a different man because of this.

You can be too.

If you want to build a six-figure business from the comfort of your home in your spare time…

Schedule a no cost Strategy Session to discuss your goals and together we will create road map to achieving them.

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Matt Skinner

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